Sunbury Meadows Section 7 – Ecological Surveys and Waterway Permitting – Sunbury, Ohio

For this residential development, STONE completed ecological review, waterway permitting, and mitigation planning and coordination. STONE applied U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and Ohio EPA methodology to delineate and assess all streams and wetlands onsite. Due to the impact to on-site resources, STONE completed a Section 401 Water Quality Certification and 404 Individual Permit for submittal to the USACE and Ohio EPA. This involved guiding the design engineer through the alternative analysis process, and development of non-degradation, minimal, and preferred alternatives. Through this process we assessed possible impacts to resources and completed in-depth anti-degradation analysis of resources onsite in compliance with Ohio EPA laws and rules. Tied to the permitting, we developed a mitigation plan which was most economically feasible for client and acceptable to agencies. The Client received both the Section 404 Individual Permit and Section 401 Water Quality Certification in a timely manner.

This project illustrates STONE’s ability to cover all ecological services associated with a development site and efficiently complete the required coordination and permitting, satisfying both the client and the involved regulatory agencies.

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“I was very impressed with the level of service that STONE had provided us.  The assignment was handled very swiftly and professionally.  Based on our satisfaction, I have to imagine that STONE has the available resources and knowledge to tackle any environmental project, large or small.  I will certainly look to STONE for any future projects.”